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Sustainability comes in many forms and fashions.  Here at Handmaid Blessings we approach it from a different point of view.  After years of attempting a lifestyle of "what we had always been taught".  We found that the Creator had a plan from the beginning, and that He adjusted it after the resurrection of Messiah for the rest of time left on the earth.  This lifestyle is not hard, but it is continuous.  It is not difficult, but it takes heart felt effort.  We have discovered that the Creator wants to walk with us, as we work the land, and prepare for the future.  He cares about all we are doing from the smallest to the greatest project.  It is His desire to give us life and life more abundant, but that doesn't mean "more stuff"!

From the animals we are raising, to the food we eat, there are several processes that take up our time working with our environment.  With each process there is a lesson of life, a presentation from the Creator Himself, that teaches us about what He wanted from every human being ever born.  The lessons from the Bible that our Messiah shared about the "Sower sows the word", and "The wheat and the tares", were just the beginning.  We have found that our Creator desires to walk with us in each and every effort, to teach us about ourselves, and how to find His life in all of them. 

Chickens                                                                      Herbal gardening

Egg production                                                      Eatable Weeds

Chicken Manure fertilizer                                       Ground Cover 

Sheep "southern hair sheep"                                        Companion Gardening 

Sheep milk processing                                                 Worm production

Sheep manure fertilizer                                                Worm tea fertilizer

Horses                                                                          Natural health remedies

Horse manure fertilizer                                               Exercise while working

Fruit Trees                                                                   Food preservation

Soil rebuilding                                                            Canning     

Composting                                                                 Soap production

Seasonal gardening                                                     Cloth production

Bee Keeping                                                               Fire Building

Honey Processing                                                       Water preservation

    He came to give us life and life more abundant!               Are we putting our efforts to life?