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NO MORE WASTE! Re-usable! Re-washable!

A dollar won't buy much these days. It seems we throw so much away. Instead of trying to save a buck, it disappears on the garbage truck. So here is just a little way, to begin a trend and help you save. In this small way we can start, to take a stand and do our part. So as you mop your floor today, you've helped to make a better place, this world we must all live in, by not adding to the garbage bin.

Custom material to fit your Kitchen decor, or the entertainment room where ever most of the spills happen!


More to come

Floor sweepers

Hand mittens


Dish towels

Spills happen everywhere, so we can make them fit your specific needs.




You can just purchase one from our stock of eclectic designs.



As we build this site, please send a message or call and leave one for ordering. Thank you!