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  • dahwiedb

Truth in 6O sec

Truth is, you can receive a lot of information in 60 sec. Between pictures and voice communication there are tons of information our brains can process in 1 minute. Truth is a huge subject. It’s so big, that most of us don’t even know how to qualify it as fact or fiction, it can be fact or opinion and be presented as propaganda? How do we know it’s truth? Most would say that if you can touch, see, taste, hear, or smell the result of a statement of information, then we can consider that truth. But actually there are truths in this life that CANNOT be sensed with the 5 physical senses. The most common of all is your heartbeat. It has happened since 18 weeks after you were conceived, and it has never stopped, maybe jumped a beat or two, slowed way down or even raced to the point of thinking you would faint. The question is, can you feel it now. Is there really a organ in your chest that is keeping everything else in your body going? Prove it? Show me? Without going to a doctors office You can’t, but it is a truth, and everyone knows it. Truth is like that! You just have to look at some information and agree, that is the facts and that is the way it is.