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There is no Hell?

Better said, There is no Hell for Believers.  Yet, then we have to ask ourselves, what is the Truth about what it takes to be a believer?  Every human past the age of 10 gets a chance at one point to get upset with the Creator.  Some choose to turn away from Him, some turn to Him.  When you choose to believe, you would never turn away.  This is believing!  You may say, how can someone believe unless they have something to experience?  Really?  Did you experience a sunrise this morning?  See the trees, grass, or plants outside?  Did you eat or drink anything today?  If these things were not enough for you to believe in a Creator, your too distracted already, and that is not the Creators problem, it’s yours!  

The choice to blame the Creator for the bad in the world is caused by a lack of understanding that He is not responsible.  He gave mankind free will choice.  Though each of us would have taken it back after the first mess, our Creator keeps His word.  He waits for us to turn back to Him, to want what He Created us for (a conversation between friends).  Yet, for those that have been offered this knowledge and turn away from the Creator anyway, this is the qualifications for Hell.  Separation from our Friend “the Creator”, is a hell of its own.  This proposition is not just for eternity either.  The laws of sowing and reaping come into play also, so there could be some Hell to suffer right now.  An eternal Hell, fire and brimstone can be a metaphor for suffering.  Yet most are very quick to make it final, and it may be, do we really want to take that chance?

So, allow me to propose another view.  When we speak of Heaven and Hell in the light of where a being will live for eternity, lets realize we are talking about the results of judgement.  Why do most believe judgement will come someday in the sweet future?  Have we ever considered that Judgement started upon the Messiahs resurrection?  What if when Messiah was raised from the dead, the Freedom He launched into the world was the ability to understand judgement and how to overcome the wrong side (Grace).  It may be that every person can now see clearly the good and bad decisions ahead of them.  Its happening right now, right where you are reading this.  Unless the distractions of turning away from the Creator have so influenced us, we have made a choice not to see.  Our Creator is standing by our side, waiting for a good conversation about our next decisions, and would open our eyes.

 Oh but we were talking about eternity.  Well, have we considered that if something happened right now to cause us to enter eternity, that our judgement would be final?  That where we stand in that moment, believing or not believing, is where our eternal judgment stands?  Most Christians would say, “now your discounting Grace”. To which I would say “Yes, I am!”  Because Grace doesn’t mean what most have been told it means.  

Grace is a granted favor, not a clearing of judgement.  Grace is an ability!  Grace is unmerited favor to be able to accomplish something we normally couldn’t.  Like stirring up the boldness to climb a latter, when we would normally be afraid.  Yet, it comes as a gift when we choose to believe (turn toward the Creator).  It is given when we believe, not because we stated some prayer.  It is the result of an action, that is a result of a choice, that is the result of understanding a Truth.  Truth that can only come from the Creator. This is why we were encouraged in the Bible to seek the “ love of the truth”.  Without seeking truth of our Creator, you can’t make a choice to believe in Him.  Without this belief, Grace can’t be given.  All this considered, we must determine that Grace is “ the ability to do something we are incapable of doing”.  Hell, is very simply, not being able too see what our Creator wants for us.

Now lets add another level (pun intended) to this proposition.  Matthew 5:19 KJV — Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called greatest in the kingdom of heaven. 

I heard a young man’s vision of a Heavenly visit not long ago.  In it he refers to the “levels” of Hell.  In this passage of scripture and many others, the Kingdom of Heaven is referenced in levels.  So, I will conclude this writing with questions.  If this is true, that there is a dividing line between the levels of The Kingdom of Heaven, and the levels of Hell, and you were to enter eternity right now.  Where do you believe you would be?  And if, you are on that level for real right now in this life, How involved is the Creator?  Do you like the fruit of you?  Does a Holy Creator want to spend time with what you consider important? If you could change it by growing in knowledge of your Creator (Matt 6:33 seek first The Kingdom of God and His righteousness) or by strengthening yourself against the distractions (Rev 2:7,11,17,26 OVERCOME! And 3:5,12,21 OVERCOME) how important might that be to what your doing in this life?  Then the next?