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Submit? To Freedom!

In my last writing, I spoke of submitting to my Creator (Yahuah) and to my husband. Many women today disagree with this because modern society encourages equality with men as well as women's lib. Scripture tells us that we can't be equal to men. We were created "from" them "for" them. We are completely different in our makeup as well as our thought process. We are nurturers. Men are logical and responsible. We were made to compliment and support one another. Women were meant to handle the home and keep the family together. Men provide for the home and are the leaders and decision makers. When we, as women, step out of our roles and assume the roles of our husbands, we cause an imbalance. The husband also can cause the relationship to falter if he is not doing what it is Yahuah created him to do. There must be awareness of what role each is responsible for in the family unit. Children learn from the examples of their parents and elders. How easy it is to cause chaos by being envious of our spouses role. By thinking we could do better. Look at all the single parent families and how they struggle. The children rarely respect the parent, and this family fails at unity. Father Yahuah created us and knows what works best for the family to succeed. He clearly reveals His plan in His Word, The Bible. Taking time to read it from beginning to end with help from His Holy Spirit will give us proper direction and the knowledge we need to be good daughters, wives, mothers, sisters, aunts and grandmothers. Have you read Proverbs 31? It's who I desire to be as a woman. It's what my Creator and Father wants of me. I am searching to find His truth, and to please Him, even when it goes against what I have been told all my life. HalleluYah. The truth truly does set you free.