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  • Yahudi


Having a set apart heart is going a little deeper than just making the decision to put away things of this world and the things we have been familiar with all of our lives. It is more than just turning off electricity, and not being dependent on being entertained, or putting away the need for comfort, for that makes us just ”self sustainable, and even those in the world are doing this, calling themselves “end time peppers”). We want to lose the “self” sustainable to “YHWH” sustainable. When you choose to do these things, Father has things He will put in their place, like finding ways to replace them through agriculture. With each of these replacements, there is a need for trusting Father completely. We learn to trust His instructions, but if a problem happens, we also must trust that He allowed it because of something. When we lose control of our emotions because of a circumstance, this is the proof our heart is not set apart. A person in a physically set apart lifestyle is not necessarily set apart in the heart of things. Trusting YHWH in a set apart lifestyle is different. It changes the way we schedule our time. Having a heart set apart from the worlds ways gives us confidence in our expectation of YHWH”s presence, safety, and security. It affects the way our thoughts are allowed to go. It turns up the volume of hearing Father’s voice in everything we do. A heart set apart makes each day a cool walk in the garden trusting our Creator to be a Father to us in person. It is a conversation between friends.