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  • Yahudi

Experience that leads to freedom

I am in my 67th year. As I reflect back on my life, having experienced many things, both good and bad, I choose not to wallow in self pity.  Turning to my Heavenly Father for insight, He shows me that after repenting, I can then benefit from my past. Everything is a learning experience. My spiritual growth is affected by all of my experiences. This is what overcoming is. Taking a bad encounter and gaining knowledge from it. Not repeating a bad behavior, but making a choice to do what Yahuah would now have me do if faced with a similar struggle. To ask Him for His wisdom in all matters. This is growth in His Kingdom. In His ways. Now I have artillery against the enemy for future tests he may inflict upon me, as well as being better armed for seeing them coming rather that being blindsided. Another benefit from past experiences is that I can encourage someone else going through something similar. Help them not to make the same mistakes I have made.  (This works in reverse also, as I can learn from others) This is a way we can show love for one another and grow stronger in our faith. Father will show us favor when we choose to share what we have learned from Him. In helping just one person from some of the pain I have experienced would bring me insurmountable joy. Thus this blog!  I have Father's wisdom only because I have asked Him for it. He promised to give it to anyone requesting it. So, I am no one special. Just old...lol. Please know I want only to humbly guide anyone willing to listen, to the Voice of our Creator. It's available to all who WANT it. Seek it with all of your strength. There is no greater treasure. He is the only source of truth. HalleluYah. It will set us free.

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