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  • Yahudi

Dressing for Success

As my husband and I have already stated, we are going back to our Creators original intent in everything we do. We consult His Word and Holy Spirit before we make any kind of decision, and that is in EVERYTHING. Our desire is to please our Heavenly Father in all things, so in order to accomplish this we must come to know Him, His countenance, what pleases Him, and what does NOT! My Father has shown me that He loves His daughters to dress with modesty and humility. Before I purchase a garment, I examine it to determine how others would see me. Am I showing too much skin? Is it too suggestive? In being in subjection to my husband, I always want His approval in my appearance (he has to look at me). But then, so does my Heavenly Father. I want to still be attractive to my husband, but not draw the wrong kind of attention from other men. I want to feel feminine and beautiful, but I want my Father to look on me in delight. I am a daughter of a King…THE KING, so I want to dress accordingly. How would I dress if I was to actually stand before His Throne? The truth is I am ALWAYS standing before His throne. The spirit realm watches every move I make. Therefore, I want to impress upon the spirits, whether they are in light or in darkness that I stand for everything My Father and His Kingdom stands for. I want to look like one of His subjects, without any doubt whatsoever. I ask Holy Spirit before I dress…”what should I wear?” Before I purchase something, “is this acceptable to Father?” If I get a no, then I don’t purchase it. I have removed anything from my closet that would not be acceptable attire to my Father as well. It really does become part of your everyday lifestyle. To feel Father’s approval is beyond explanation. I cannot do anything else now. It is a blessed life we live here. HalleluYah!

As an afterthought, Holy Spirit has recommended that I explain that my intentions are not to finger point here, but to encourage all to listen to Holy Spirit’s leading's. He speaks to everyone differently. We are individuals, and that’s how Father treats us. He will eventually lead us all to the same truths, just at a different pace, and on different levels. Blessings to all!!