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  • Yahudi

15 Keys - #3 Hebrew


In our continuing search for truth, we must consider the language the original scriptures were written in. There is Modern Hebrew, Ancient Hebrew, and Paleo Hebrew to consider. Always consider the content by reading the verses before and after the one you are studying.  When you feel you have the answer to the question you were seeking, consult Holy Spirit.  Wait for His response (pull up a chair, this could take a while). Check history.  There is no "J" in the Hebrew language (that explains why Jehovah and Jesus can not be their true names) as well as on English before the 1600's. Would our Creator, whose language is Hebrew, give His Son a Greek name?  Yahusha said He came in His Fathers name (John 5:43). The deeper into the Hebrew language we go, the more we understand the true original intent of our Creator. Their culture has much to do with the parables used by Yahuah and Yahusha. Look up in Strongs Concordance the meaning of each word you question. Also, learning the Hebrew idioms brings clarity to the Scriptures. Much like the idioms we use today like; "raining cats and dogs." We know what this means, but a foreigner would scratch his head at such a comment. I hope this encourages you to seek the Hebrew language as you seek for more truth about our coming Kingdom. Blessings and Shalom.