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15 Keys #2 The True Names


We have met many people with many different beliefs and from all walks of life.  We listen to Holy Spirit for discernment.  When we started hearing all of the different ways to pronounce our Creator and His Son's names, it was confusing at first.  And, people get angry when you don't agree with them.  One of the most important tools Father gave us was His language.  Hebrew is amazing.  Whenever in doubt look up the ancient Hebrew meaning and pronunciation. We want you to discover these treasures with the help of Holy Spirit for yourself. After much research, we believe the closest we can come to pronouncing their names is Yahuah for Father, and Yahusha for Messiah.  To help you in your research, there is a site that does a very good job in explaining how to pronounce the True Names of our Father and our Messiah. There may be other material we might not agree with, but the part on the names we do. Remember, we must be discerning. Listen to Holy Spirit as you study all information. Don't stop here. Keep searching. Keep seeking. www.PromoteTheTruth.com http://www.hebrewtruth.com/Name3.html Blessings!