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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to be a part of your community?

Yes, but you will have to communicate with us.  Not just comment, but communicate.  Lot's of emails will lead to phone calls & txt's, which will lead to a meeting, which will lead to a visit, from there it's all about relationship!

Do you have a statement of Faith?

Yes, we are believers of the whole Bible.  We have taken a stance to live a unique lifestyle that separates us from normal society.  There are Biblical standards, and then there are man made standards.  We believe that the Messiah has come, and exampled to us how to live a life for the Creator, His Father and ours.  We believe the messiah paid a price so that we could turn away from our past worldly lives.  In that price paid came the ability and strength to walk out a life of right standing and uprightness.  It's all about what you believe AND act on!  For us, it is a lifestyle.  Please read our "Define the terms" page.  If you desire more information than that, please contact us. 

Why don't you make it more plain where you are and what you do?

Because, if you really are interested, you will contact us.  If you are really hungry for more of a relationship with the Creator, you will make the effort to seek.  If you are really being lead by the Holy Spirit, then you won't just assume, you will ask.  If you are not in either situation, you will fall by the wayside and we won't waste your time writing a bunch of stuff you don't care about anyway. 



How Do I Place An Order?


Currently we are building this site and our product inventory.  Due to our community standards we do not produce Christmas (or any other holiday) product, though we do Season themes.  Please join our email list, and we will contact you with how to order.

Payment and Shipping

We use paypal as a regular source, but can accept what ever is easy for you.  Let's talk about it. 

Your business is important to us, but not as important as the lifestyle this community is set to work in.  If you are concerned with joining email list, contact handmaidblessings@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Secure Ordering & Payment Options


We are a Federal 501(c)3 organization, established in 1984.  We are as legal as it can get.  We will do everything in our ability to keep your information private.  We like to work through email, specifically because we have doubts about the internet ourselves. 

Returns & Refunds


Through pictures and communication, we will make sure you are happy with custom patterns and special orders.  If there is a mistake we will make sure you are happy with the outcome.  You ask us to walk a mile, and we will go two if necessary.


Privacy Policy


We do not in any way share our communications with any other organization.  Our files are not for public view, nor will be given access to just anyone.  You will be contacted by a person from Handmaid Blessings with a name.  We as a community hold that person accountable for their word!