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Definition of Terms

One of our biggest areas of concern, are the way people use words.  We believe that there is nothing more confusing than words used with unclear meaning, especially when writing.  Below you will find a list of words that we use, that don't match up to most peoples definition.  It is important to understand "what" we are trying to say, not whether you agree with our meaning or not.  We spend most of our time resourcing, so if you feel we are wrong, please write us and explain, with lots of proof.  You will find our "why we believe this definition in italics" if you want to know.

YHWH: "pronounced ee-uu-wah or in English Yahuah / Yahway"  We do not use God or Lord or Greek (Roman) translations of names.  6838 times in the Bible, translators (not authors) changed this name to "The LORD".  We have found that besides the 3rd commandment (Exodus 20), our Creator really doesn't like us calling him by false names.  El, or Eloah, or Elohim are words for what should be ALMIGHTY POWER  ie; Creator!

Hebrew: Though it is used as a descriptor for a culture, the word actually was used by the Creator to define those that "Crossed Over".  We use it as a term for the language and as a descriptor for those that are becoming "Over Comers" (Revelation chap 2 & 3).  You have to research Ancient Hebrew and have a listening ear for ruach ha qodesh (The Holy Spirit) to understand this.  Though it may sound like a small issue, our Creator is highly pleased with those that respect His original intent.  Ancient Hebrew pre-dates Paleo Hebrew by about 1500 years.  Each letter has meanings that can only be defined by the understanding of what the author was talking about.  It's kind of like context of the context!  We like to say, that from English, you can't get there from here.  It takes a real commitment to listening and re-evaluating your surroundings and life to understand what the Creator means when He said something.  Yet, it is never confusing, or obscure.  His points are always enlightening and revelatory, ,making perfect sense, and creating His LIFE.

Israel: Though it's common use is for the Country and a group of people referred to as "God's chosen People".  We have come to find out that there were attachments to that title that the Creator Himself intended.  In it's original meaning the word is ees-ra-el, and it means "to turn your face toward EL as a lifestyle choice"  Once again, You have to research Ancient Hebrew and have a listening ear for ruach ha qodesh (The Holy Spirit) to understand this.  Though it may sound like a small issue, our Creator is highly pleased with those that respect His original intent.  When you read the Bible with this meaning in place, it changes everything. 

Love: You wouldn't think there were many ways to define Love, but it's amazing when you really try.  The truth of this word used by the Creator is profound.  Though hard to swallow in some cases, it fits all of what moshe (Moses) said, and what The Messiah as well as the prophets said.  We define love as " The preferred".  When the Creator said Jacob have I loved and Esaw have I hated, He said I prefer Jacob's obedience to me, and I don't prefer Esaw's.  The word in ancient Hebrew isn't even close to what is called Love today.  It's meaning was used as a encouraging way to say how you felt about someones actions or lifestyle.  It wasn't a feeling or emotion, it was used to define the agreement with a person's character and actions. 

Believe:  This is NOT a mysterious feeling of awareness that can be conjured up by your imagination because of what you were told.  It is the actions you take because you understand something and have an experience that confirms it's reality to you.  You will act on what you believe!  If you don't act on what you say you believe, you DON'T believe!  This is the simplest way to define what most call Faith.  It is proven over and  over in the Bible, and truly exampled by those that wouldn't follow the Creator.  eeh-uu-sha  (Yahusha) the Messiah said "He couldn't do very many works because of their unbelief".  What did they do?  You should look, it is very important to finding and understanding Salvation. 

Set Apart ( Holy ):  In the minds of most of us, we instantly say "I cannot be Holy". 

From a practical standpoint that is true!  Yet there is an impractical lifestyle that is accessible to Americans and some other places in the world.  If you can handle it.  Seclusion!  Separating yourself from the normality of this society.  Can you turn off the TV? Computer, radio, phone, and other things that seem to take up a lot of time in our lives?  Yes you can!  Now the list of scriptures that follow are going to be specific, not (scripture plucking).  As you read them, don't think "Holy, Holy Spirit, Holy EL, Holy Messiah!  Think "living my life separate from the way society says I should".  We can live with YHWH as the only thing in our hearts and minds.  He can have priority over everything else we do.  We can set ourselves apart to Him and His Kingdom, and when we do, He considers it and reacts to our choice.  We can lay down our lives and pick His up.  If your wondering how you could do this financially, think about selling all you own and living on a property owned by a Non Profit Organization.  You have no investment, but you have no burden of bills either.  Hmmm!   Jeremiah 51:45, Rev 18:4, 1 Peter 1:14-24, 1 John 3:8-10, James 1:21, Matt 5:48, Leviticus 11:44,45, Lev 20:5-8

Yes, there are those that have done this.  Acts chapter 4 describes them, but there are those doing it now too! :)