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Handmaid Blessings is the community development section of a Faith Based Non Profit 501(c)3.  We are not a Church, nor do we consider ourselves religious, though some use that word freely.  We are building a community of people that hold a very strict lifestyle.  You may have come here to the website to find out more about who we are and where we are.  Sorry, that information is given to those who are faithful to communicate with us. 

There is nothing we desire more than to share our way of Life with others, but we have learned that many like to ridicule and provoke, and we just don't have time for that.  We spend our time peacefully serving the Creator of all things.  He has given us keys to this life that have proven out over time.  His Life, not our own is the premise in which we have learned the ways of His Kingdom.  Make contact with us through normal channels, and we will answer every question you have.  If you desire to live like we do, you can start from where you are.  Contact us through the email. 

If your interest is more in what else we do.  We are providing information on this site to products we handle on Craigslist, and from our own sales as well. 

Our Email is   handmaidblessings@gmail.com

Our Blog : on this site

We do NOT use Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media except direct email.

We do a lot of Hand made products.

Most are done on a requested bases.  Below you will find how we do this and why. See the products page for all our Kitchen helpers!

​​There are no jobs in our community. Everything we do is a service project for someone else, whether part of the community or a supporter. Each piece we make is full of enthusiasm and joy. When one of us is having a bad day, we have a place on our property to retreat to for a time of rebuilding.

We don't ask for offerings(but we accept them), nor does it cost money to be a part of this community. Every thing you buy has a added amount to help support every member of this community. Which in turn gives each of us a reason to keep going. We have many reasons for living like we do. Our supporters are one of the most important to us.

Every piece of material is hand cut, machines only do the stitching. The atmosphere in our rooms is one of love and support, as we work on each piece, we are encouraging each other that there is a plan and a future for our lives and yours.

If you would like to know more about our community, please join our email list. (we do not sell our list.)